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Inattentiveness, Hyperactivity, and Impulsivity

Grief & Loss

Trauma Experiences


From the moment of conception children embark on a journey of Identity Development and Self-Discovery.  As with every journey, there are occasional "bumps in the road", periods of "feeling lost", and needs for support and guidance. Children and adolescents frequently struggle to negotiate Internal Conflicts, regulate Behavioral & Emotional impulses, understand Unhelpful Personal Misconceptions, and navigate Interpersonal Distress.  Family and Children's Consultants provides counseling services for children and adolescents who have become temporarily "stuck", or are having a difficult time realizing their preferred life and relationships. FCC believes that parents and caregivers are critical participants in the lives of their children. Family counseling is essential to the desired outcome of helping children and adolescents.


Separation & Divorce

Academic Underachievement

Unhealthy Peer Relationships

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men"

Frederick Douglass

Play Therapy & Art Therapy

For young children PLAY and ART are the vessels through which they Learn and Express.  Play and art provide opportunities for children to Navigate Conflict, Discover Strengths, Explore Relationships, Self-Express, and Process Emotion.  Family and Children's Consultants utilizes state-of-the-art play therapy rooms at each of their offices to Facilitate Growth through Play and Art.

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