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Family and Children's Consultants offers a variety of services for Families, Individuals, Couples, Groups, and Parents.  All of our counseling services are individually designed in a cooperative process between our clients and counselors.

We position ourselves as partners with those who seek our help. We prefer to stand beside clients rather than to pull or push them in a direction that they may not have chosen. Clients are to be respected for the knowledge and strengths they have. Problems and difficulties should be separated from person’s lives, so that person can take a position on the challenge, rather than to be defined by the problem.

We feel with and work for our clients. Persons who may be living their lives in ways that are self-defeating, self-destructive, hurtful to others, conflictually, extraordinarily and/or misunderstood, still receive our respect, empathy and understanding. We may not condone or support hurtful ways of being, but we endeavor to understand the context and meaning of those efforts to live and survive.

For our youngest clients, age five or younger this program provides an in-depth assessment of child and family, that inlcudes office, home and child care/school visits. Following the assessment, a plan of services may be presented that includes counseling and educational support for the child and parents/family. Our counselors use the most recent research findings in brain and human development. Our methods are informed by theories and approaches that include Attachment, Conscious Discipline, Narrative, Interpersonal Neurobiology and Trauma Informed therapies. FCC uses a team approach to work with families in order to have multiple voices and views available to address the complexities of issues.




Parenting for Life is a program designed for caring parents and based on current state of the art research and thinking on child development, attachment, neurobiology and the challenges of our rapidly changing society. This 12-hour program is offered in three different formats to meet the needs of busy family life.  The most challenging, important and mystifying responsibility we have in life is to rear healthy, happy and respectful children. Children do not come with an instruction manual, nor is parenting entirely “natural or instinctual”. There are far many more questions than answers.


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Our approach to helping clients is to establish a relationship and context within which clients can create solutions, new meanings and better lifestyles for themselves and others. More times than not, persons will create preferred and healthier lives, when given a chance and choice. We work to lift the restraints that keep people from achieving their dreams and realizing their potential.

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