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Welcome to DISCOVERY group!

DISCOVERY group: A Safe Place for Change!                               2016-2017 Flyer 

DISCOVERY features! 

DISCOVERY group offers Children and Preadolescents a safe place to Explore, Discover, and Grow.  Does your child struggle with difficult emotions?  Is your child impulsive?  Have you been told that your child needs to be evaluated for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)?  Does your child overreact to frustration or disappointment?  Is your child especially sensitive to transition or change?  DISCOVERY group Incorporates an Experiential Model that provides opportunities to participate in, "hands on", activities that have been selected to extend support to children and preadolescents as they journey toward Identity Development and Self-Discovery. 

Collaborative Problem-Solving/Group-Based Problem-Solving

Monthly Collaborative Parent Consultation

Evaluation of Goals/Hopes/Dreams/Goal-Setting (MADD Format)

Skills for Conflict Resolution

Groups offered in Oklahoma City and Kingfisher

Prosocial/Adaptive Social Skills

Children & Preadolescents | Boys & Girls

DISCOVERY Questions? 

What to Expect?

Snacks!  Of course Snacks!

DISCOVERY group is active! Children should plan to arrive wearing shoes and clothing that will allow them to be active group participants.  We will provide a snack during group and any group supplies needed.  DISCOVERY group is a great option for children and preadolescents who are struggling with Internal Conflict, Behavioral & Emotional Obstacles, Unhealthy Personal Misconceptions, and Interpersonal Distress. 


"The path to a brighter tomorrow begins today!"

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Bullying Prevention

Q: What is the cost for my child to participate in DISCOVERY group?

A: DISCOVERY group accepts Medicaid/SoonerCare.  Families can also choose to pay out-of-pocket.  Private Pay rates are 25.00/session.  For more information please contact Family and Children's Consultants at (405) 943-7500. 


Q: When does DISCOVERY group meet?

A: Each group is different.  open enrollment groups meet twice monthly for two hours.  Summer groups meet weekly for two hours. 


Q: Is transportation provided?

A: No.  Parents are responsible for providing transportation to/from DISCOVERY group activities. 


Q: Where does DISCOVERY group meet?

A: Groups are facilitated in Oklahoma City at 5116 N. Portland Ave., and in Kingfisher at 102 S. 7th Street.  Sometimes group meets at an area park to provide additional opportunities for group activities. 



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