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VIRTUALclinic: Telemedicine 

Telemedicine describes the use of interactive audio and video to connect consumers with clinicians in Real Time without the need to leave the comfort of their home or office.  Telemedicine is not a replacement for traditional face-to-face services.  However, Telemedicine is a valuable alternative when circumstances prevent a traditional office visit.  Telemedicine incorporates HIPAA compliant technology to deliver Convenient and Confidential services that help improve consumer access to care.  The delivery of Telemedicine services is guided by Technical Standards, Clinical Practice Guidelines, and decades of Outcome Research. 

Did you know?  The number of patients using telehealth services will grow to 7 million in 2018.

Get Started: Personal Computer

Doxy.me - simple, free and secure telemedicine solution

Google Chrome or Firefox Browser

Webcam with Microphone

Get Started: Tablet or Smart Phone

Apple or Android Device

iOS: Download doxy.me APP

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Q: What is the cost of a VIRTUALclinic appointment?

A: VIRTUALclinic visits are covered by Medicare/SoonerCare.  For Private Pay rates please contact Family and Children's Consultants at (405) 943-7500.


Q: How do I get started with VIRTUALclinic?

A: To get started you will need either a Personal Computer with Google Chrome or Firefox, or an Apple or Android device.  You can download the doxy.me APP from Apple iTunes or use Google Chrome on your Adndroid device. 


Q: How Long does it take to get a VIRTUALclinic appointment?

A: Many times we are able to offer a Same-Day appointment.

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